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Christine and Josef 1960s

The Hut Story

Back in early 1967, London was waiting for great things to happen. To name but a few: Yellow Submarine, Dad’s Army, Fawlty Towers, Gay Pride, the Victoria Line - and Tiroler Hut. That came in June, when a man called Josef decided to open an Austrian restaurant in London and become both the host and the musician. 


While down there, he employed a wonderful waitress from Salzburg called Sonja. No, they didn’t fall in love - but when Sonja’s sister popped in, Cupid hit the mark, and Josef and Christine officially became the first couple to emerge from a night out at the Hut. 


They wouldn’t be the last. In the 56 years since the Hut opened, we’ve watched entire families spring from what was a first date one wine-soaked night serenaded by live music (Josef, by the way, plays the accordion, the saxophone, the keyboard, the clarinet, and, yep, the cowbells. And if you’d like to join in, you absolutely can. Thousands have over the years, including Jarvis Cocker, Kate Moss, Dennis Quaid, and the always epic Mr James, whose signature rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody has become something of a cult moment). 


Josef and Christine had a few kids of their own: Mark, Michaela, and Madeleine. You’ll find one or all of them down at the Hut on most nights, along with Josef who is still at the helm at 84-years-old. 


Today, the Hut draws people from all over the world while remaining a local community favourite, and we are thrilled that after four years shut owing to a fire back in 2019, we have been joined by so many happy faces both familiar and new. We hope you’ll become one of them soon. 

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